Monday, March 16, 2009

A Night in Harlem

No, not the movie, but there was a little drama, a few tears, lots of laughter, hugs and kisses when we went to Hue-Man Book Store on Frederick Douglass Boulevard for a book signing on Thursday evening (March 12th). In addition to a warm and welcoming audience, we were greeted by five of the Go, Tell Michelle contributors: Karen Bernod, LaShawnda Jones, Melony McGant, Cynthia Robinson-Bioh and Charity Thomas. This was our first time meeting these ladies in person yet we felt an instant bond with these members of the GTM Sisterhood Network. They delighted the audience with readings of their letters and comments about what motivated them to write and how this experience has touched their lives. In fact, their stories, such as Cynthia’s statement that writing her letter helped her to find her “voice” and motivation to write once again brought applause and supportive comments. And Charity brought tears to our eyes and to her own as she read her letter and commented on the meaning it had for her. Karen revealed that her experience turned out to be a family affair. Her aunt, Miriam Guichard, independently submitted a letter which was also accepted for the publication. LaShawnda declared that she’s ready to go on this journey with us! Finally, last but not least, Melony, aka “Miss Mellie Rainbow”, who was instrumental in setting up the Hue-Man event closed out the readings with her poem, “The Obama Lesson: A Family Prayer”.

Following the presentations, the contributors joined us in the book signing by signing their contribution page, as a special treat for those buying our book. The frenzy of signing that went on in various corners of the room reminded me of the time when getting your year book signed by fellow students was a requisite rite of passage. It was a wonderful experience that adds to the unique way in which this book is impacting its contributors as well as its readers.

Our sincere gratitude to Miss Mellie and also to Ms Marva Allen, Hue-Man owner for making our first national book-signing possible. Thanks also to the contributors for their participation and willingness to share their stories about Go, Tell Michelle and to our audience for taking the time to attend and make this event such a success.

Thanks, Barbara, for sharing your story of the Harlem book signing.

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