Monday, March 16, 2009

More on the Harlem book signing...

Peggy shares her thoughts on last Friday's exciting evening in Harlem...

First, it is always exciting to be in Harlem, New York and if you are in Harlem, you must visit the Hue-Man book store. The owner of the bookstore, Marva Allen is truly an extraordinary person with attitude and personality. We felt it. As the crowd filed into the audience space you could feel the excitement and electricity in the air because we were close to the audience and their excitement was palpable. Women and men had come to listen and to talk about Go, Tell Michelle. At least two weeks prior to the event, contributors to the Go, Tell Michelle book who lived in and around New York were writing back and forth expressing their excitement about attending. Inevitably at least one person who has been following the work of the Uncrowned Queens Institute will show up and introduce themselves. This occasion was no exception as a gentleman named Stephen from Buffalo now working in Yonkers came to greet us and have his books signed. It was great. Like all of our book signing events, we invite the contributors to sign books with us by signing on their page. This act alone has bonded the group such that we can all experience the limelight of this historic work.

One by one contributors read their letters with passion mixed with tears. Contributors brought their mothers, daughters, lovers, husbands and friends. It was a wonderful feeling as we learned ever more about the stories behind the stories. We added to our photo gallery as the editors and contributors posed for photos. It was great to see more of the faces behind the letters and poems. We know we have formed bonds for life in the GTM Sisterhood. For those who missed the signing, contributors set up blogs or added to existing blogs photos from the night before. Thus, the world got a chance to see what happened in Harlem at the Hue-Man Book Store on March 12, 2009. It was truly an historic occasion aided and abetted by the enthralling Miss Mellie Rainbow, aka Melony McGant. We hope to have online snippets of the video that was made at the event.

Our next signing is the Serengeti Gallery in Washington, DC. Miriam Guichard, a contributor in DC, suggested and worked with us to secure a signing at this gallery: Contributors from the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas are attending and it promises to be equally exciting. We will keep you posted. As the old Ethiopian proverd goes, "when spider webs unite, they can tie up the lion."

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