Monday, February 2, 2009

Mark your calendars

The buzz is building and the events are lining up. Here's a partial list (it's growing all the time; we'll keep you posted) of the upcoming events* for Go, Tell Michelle.

*Those events that are confirmed have (confirmed) listed after the dates. As you'll see we don't have times for most of these events, so we encourage you to follow up with the organizations listed below, but we'll do our best to list them when we know them.

The Mississippi Arts Hour Radio Show
Diane Williams, Arts Industry ProgramDirector, 2:00 EST. Archived as a podcast.

February 7 (confirmed)
Book signing and the launch of a special project of the Uncrowned Queens Institute.
February 13/14, in the evening
Albany, New York Black and Puerto Rican Caucus

February 13, a.m start time (confirmed)
Book signing and presentation.
February 22
Book signing and presentation.
February 24
Radio show with Batala McFarland, out of Minnesota.
February 28
Gladys Diji, one of the book's contributors, is having a large book signing at her home.
March 6
Book signing at the Barnes and Noble Books in Clarence, New York

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