Monday, February 9, 2009

Announcing: The Go, Tell Michelle audio book!

Soon you will be able to listen to the powerful and passionate letters from Go, Tell Michelle, as read by Barbara and Peggy.

In another record-breaking demonstration of speed and the latest technology, we are delighted to reveal the imminent publication of the audio book version of Go, Tell Michelle! Barbara and Peggy are currently spending many hours recording the entire book at WBFO in Buffalo. Enjoy the book while in the car, hearing those unforgettable stories and songs as told by two unforgettable voices.

But there’s a bonus, here. The audio version of the book is expanded and richer than even the book! It will include a new, never before seen or heard introduction by Peggy and Barbara as well as even more unpublished letters and poems to Michelle!

Once the recording is completed in Buffalo, it will be remastered, manufactured, and ready for purchase in a few weeks. More details soon!


  1. Oh, Barbara and Peggy. How wonderful! I am so glad to hear about the audio version. I can't wait to hear your voices reading our letters. Thank you both again for everything.

  2. My, you ladies have been busy! What a feat, an awesome accomplishment. The audio will be worth having.

  3. We are working very hard on the audio and the more we read the letters the more convinced we are that they are just powerful historical documents that should be preserved. To both hear and say the words is an altogether enchanting experience. The words help us to conjure up the vision of Arlette Miller Smith's Middle Passage from We, In Anticipation of You; Bailey's great North Santee and the reflections on the water as the little boats set sail; of Adonnia "Phoenix" Maiben's Helium Hopes with her balloon of hope tickling the feet of God; of Mercier's "Rainbow House," where Jacqueline Mendoza flies on Nightingale wings to attend the children's Inaugural Ball. Each conjures a different but powerful image and we are transformed. This is quite an experience. There are so many more. Peggy

  4. We will tell you more as we go along. Thanks for coming along on this beautiful journey with us.