Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Download the book today!

Now you can enjoy the book without the attendant weight. Okay, it's a fairly light book, but now you can buy the book and download the electronic edition at our website. Get one for the house, the office, and now an electronic version for the laptop.

The electronic edition gives you all-time e-access, plus you can download and print the file. PDF Acrobat Reader is required.


  1. Peggy and Barbara, you continue to amaze me! This is just great! Janeen

  2. I attended the book signing held Feb 13th. It was a wonderful program. Seeing that many gifted youth was more exciting than signing the book. One women came back to the table, thank all of us for the work we contributed,and had a problem closing the book.
    It's exciting to see people read, and more excitng when they can't put the book down.I look forward to meeting and meeting people regarding the book.