Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The GTM Sisterhood and the First 100 Days

Barbara and Peggy posed this question to the contributors of Go, Tell Michelle:

While the first 100 days tradition is not overtly applied to the performance of the First Lady, we know that during this period Michelle has also endured on-going criticism in the American media and from right wing/conservative pundits and bloggers. From Juan Williams' prophesied characterization of her as "Stokley Carmichael in a designer dress", to the over-wrought attention paid to her bare arms, to her seeming breach of protocol by touching the Queen, Michelle has been one of the highest profiled First Ladies in the history of this country. Since your letter of November 2008, what would you say to our First Lady Michelle Obama, now?

Here are some of the responses. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

Women of the world, women of all races, of all nations are supporting you; they all believe in you. They all want you to succeed and you will succeed.
What a heavy charge! What an exciting charge!
Women are mothers, sisters, wives; we make the world, we are the world.
You represent a part of this world, our world. Now the world knows what “the American dream” means.
-Kadidia V. Doumbia

1st One hundred Days – Only Stepping Stones

Quite honestly, I’ve never thought of First Lady Michelle Obama as necessarily needing advice, due to my personal and trusting belief that she’s being held by the powers that be. I do, however, firmly believe that there is a continual need for our First Lady Michelle Obama to be reminded of the empathic support readily available to her from women of color who share common, yet unique cultural histories, plus the mutual yarns of understandings of many present and past struggles. These alone bind us to her forever, allowing us to remain, if she allows, forever her sustainable bookends. Such sisterhoods can never be viewed in minimalistic ways, nor taken for granted. There is power in that which emotionally binds, and held by the divine. Also, I personally believe that the “Spirit” will shape and utilize the Obama’s for the good of this earth and all the inhabitants of this Universe, and they will be unstoppable.
-Bev Jenai

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  1. First Lady Michelle Obama,

    I support you 100% and am proud of your accomplishments.

    You represent to me someone who looks like me. I am no longer the invisible part of America, a dark/brown skinned Black woman. I can now be seen through you.

    You represent the strength and perserverance of our people through negativeness that we have been going through since our ancestors were brought here against their wills.

    No direspect, but You Go, Girl.

    Vivian Bonner Cairo
    San Francisco, California