Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Signing in Maryland

For anyone in the Baltimore area: The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture will be hosting Barbara and Peggy for a discussion of Go, Tell Michelle and book signing on Saturday, April 18, as a part of "The Lines Connect Book Club" series. The event will run from 11am to 1pm. For more information, visit the museum's events list.

After the Museum signing, Barbara and Peggy will be taking part in the sixth annual CityLit Festival, Baltimore's day-long celebration of literature. Their event, "Sisterhood and the First Lady," will run from 2-3pm at Pratt Library and will feature
Go, Tell Michelle and Liza Mundy's Michelle: A Biography.


  1. I'm Peggy and Baltimore is my home town. I am thrilled to be going back home to talk about our book Go, Tell Michelle. I hear tell that a number of my old friends, colleagues, school mates and others will attend both lectures. It is very exciting. Members of the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association, Goucher College and Morgan University will also be in attendance. My very good friend and classmate Chief Justice Robert Mack Bell will also be in attendance. A number of my school mates from Dunbar High School will also be there. I am especially pleased that Janice Lovon Harris daughter of one of my oldest girlfriends will also be in attendace with her daughter, Erin. It is especially nice to appear at the Reginald Lewis Museum because I was classmates with Reginald through grade school and junior high school at Dunbar Junior and Senior High. He was a very special person. So, this trip to Baltimore holds very special memories for me. Almost forgot, my sister Audrey Spencer has a letter in the book and she will be there also. That is the most special event for me. Talk to you later. Peggy

  2. An Intergenerational Uniqueness

    This morning was ripe for listening and bonding
    At the Reginald M. Lewis Museum hosting the GTM book signing

    Esteemed book editors--Drs. Barbara and Peggy--were grand. . .
    Ladies setting the scene with class & warm hearts evidenced firsthand

    Healing was one of the feelings permeating that room
    As tissues started unfolding, dabbing many sets of eyes so soon

    The stories behind the stories untold by some contributors before
    Seem destined to leave messages of hope and sisters linked forevermore.

    This is a part of a long journey unbound by the book pages
    Engaging in the greetings, meetings, dialogue, and sister hugs were sages
    What a blessing to gain insight from my sisters of various ages

    Tickled pink . . . I started to think . . .
    There's the young teacher-writer, still in her twenties,
    She and her near-age learned and still learning peers
    Assure an aging generation that we're in good hands for future years;

    When reading or writing often ignored by folk not as "hip"
    With the thought of such dynamic new leadership
    It is a virtual hat from my head to you that I tip
    Honey Chile, you made me smile!

    April 18, 2009
    From my home in Bowie, MD
    Dr. Geraldine Drake-Hawkins

    + + +