Friday, April 3, 2009

Update from Barbara

Betty Falato, Miriam Guichard, Lori Polin Jones, Aza Donna Smith, Regan Botts-Ruiz
with Peggy and Barbara at Busboys & Poets

Barbara sent us this latest update. Looks like she and Peggy have been keeping busy!

March was an incredibly busy month, with lectures and book signings in Harlem, Albany, Buffalo, Capitol Heights, Maryland, Galloway, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. And somehow, in between these events, we managed a second trip to Albany to be honored by Governor David and Mrs. Michelle Paige Patterson as New York State’s 2009 Women of Excellence in Education awardees.

In all of our travels and at every venue, we were excited, pleased and honored to meet so many people who love our book so much that they got copies for themselves, their mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and sister friends! And I’m not just talking about women. Men also recognize the symbolism in the messages and see the women in their lives, who could easily have joined us on this journey. In fact, many have joined us – the number is growing daily.

A number of contributors joined us at several of our signings. What a treat to meet and greet our wonderful sisters of the GTM Sisterhood Network. This is the first time meeting these women but our connections were instantaneous as over these last few months, we have bonded as a result of our shared purpose.

We have previously posted photos of our meetings with contributors from the Buffalo, Maryland and New York City area and last week we had the pleasure of meeting four more contributors from the Washington, D.C. region. We rendezvoused at Busboys and Poets Book Store. This book store, restaurant and performance theatre, in itself deserves a special write-up as it is one of the most charming and unique, INDEPENDENT, book stores in the nation. We were pleased to have its owner, Andy Shallal attend our lecture and to have CSPAN’s Book TV there to film us. (Check their website, and this blog, for the scheduled airing of this program)

But, I digress! Peggy and I are very enthused and grateful for the support of the GTM Sisterhood Network. These sisters continue to lend their voices and use their connections to extend the word about “Go, Tell Michelle” to individuals and groups all across this nation. Together, they continue to confirm our belief that Michelle Obama has ignited a spark that will help to raise the volume of all women’s voices as we speak about the issues that are vital and important in our lives. Many of these are issues were articulated by the contributors who joined us in Washington on March 28th at Busboys. Many thanks to Regan Botts-Ruiz, Betty Falato, Miriam Guichard, Lori Polin Jones and Aza Donna Smith.

A very, very special thanks to two women, who really made our day! Karen May and daughter, Marissa Jennings. They set up a book signing and presentation at the People’s Congregational United Church of Christ, also in D.C. co-sponsored by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). More is forthcoming about these ladies and their church and pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael Murphy in our next entry.



  1. I had to sneak out of my office in Yonkers early, in order to make it
    to Harlem’s Hue-Man Books for the reading, but I knew I was in for a
    treat. When I lived and worked in Buffalo, I was the point person for
    the NY State Senate on Arts & Culture Issues and couldn’t help but be
    impressed by Dr’s. Barbara Seals Nevergold and Peggy Brooks-Bertram,
    and I remain a devoted fan of their vision and work. I knew this had
    to be special.

    The reading gave me a chance to meet and hear, some of the
    contributors to “Go, Tell Michelle” and when it was over, I had two
    signed copies, one for my boss, and one for me.

    When Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins returned from Albany later that
    week, I presented her with her copy. Always gracious, she expressed
    her appreciation but wasn’t sure when she would find the time to read
    it, “with the budget crisis and all …”

    I left her and our Chief-of-Staff in the office and was told later,
    that my dear Senator did find the time to read it, she spent much of
    that evening, sitting in her office reading portions of the book

    I also, found it hard to put down. It’s funny, inspiring, profound
    and reassuring. I am already re-reading it, something I never do, but
    "Go, Tell Michelle” is like your mama’s cooking; your satisfied, but
    you still want a little more. Thank you for this book.

    Stephen A. Maglott

  2. Lori Polin Jones GTM Sister/ContributorApril 4, 2009 at 7:21 AM

    Barbara and Peggy. I love your entries on the blog. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Keep 'em coming : )